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Dystopian Riff-Rock
sets the thoughts of an entire generation to music

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In the midst of the great reincarnation, the trio from Unna and Düsseldorf (GER) is the tireless electric motor of hypetrain rock music.

Driving dystopian riff rock with a love for sophisticated riffs that get under your skin in symbiosis with modern beats and synthesisers. WOODSHIP's energetic songs draw attention to dystopian grievances, draw a world worth striving for and deal with their own role in it.

DIY-Spirit: WOODSHIP have booked over 100 gigs in Germany, including support shows for Blackout Problems, The Intersphere, LEAP, Rebecca Lou and Prime Circle, and got as well invitations to Open Flair, Terrassenfest & Heartbeat Festival 2023. 

The steady progress of the inspiring band is attested to by placements on MTV, articles in German print magazines like Guitar, Gitarre & Bass, Visions and radio plays on Fritz, RadioBOB!, Raute Musik and WDR2, where they can also call themselves winners of the "Szene im Westen".

The singles "ENEMY", "MERCURY" and "HAVE YOU HEARD OF THIS?" also got placed in the Ruhr charts!

Their new EP, which was released in 2023, was supported by the big German music-supporter "Initiative Musik" and received outstanding reviews (including 9.5/10 Rockmagazine & 9.4/10 Festivalstalker).

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Philipp Kaminsky



Leon Radix



Timo Quast


Drum Pad

"[...] show their potential as a driving alternative rock band"

Visions (translated from German)



15 November 2023

Supportshow for LEAP (Düsseldorf)

29 September 2023

EP-Releaseshow (Düsseldorf)

13 August 2023

Open Flair Festival (Eschwege)

22 July 2023

Global Heartbeat Festival (Meinbrexen)

25 April 2023

Terrassenfest w/ Razz (Osnabrück)

30 March 2023

Supportshow for LEAP (Düsseldorf)

30 August 2022

Supportshow for Blackout Problems (Düsseldorf)

22 September 2019

Supportshow for Rebecca Lou (Köln)

20 July 2019

Mölmsch Open Air (Mühlheim an der Ruhr)

20 June 2019

Supportshow for The Intersphere (Düsseldorf)

15 June 2018

Bright Coloured Town Releaseshow (Unna)

08 & 10 October 2017

Supportshows for Prime Circle (Dresden & Karlsruhe)

> 2024

09 February 2024

Der Hof, Düsseldorf

15 March 2024

Kulturrampe, Krefeld

16 March 2024

Zakk, Düsseldorf

25. May 2024

Rock Da See

15. June 2024

Stadtfest Döbeln (cancelled)

21 June 2024

Woodyval (Acoustic Performance)

28 June 2024

Stadtfest Hofheim

29 June 2024

On the Rocks Festival, Unna

05 July 2024

Festival Holledau

19 July 2024

Rock am Hinkelhof

27 July 2024

Homeward Festival

31 July 2024

Mühlheim a. d. Ruhr w/ The Deadnotes

31 August 2024

Rock am Scheelbach

06 September 2024

Stadtfest Unna - Rathausbühne


21 September 2024


18 October 2024

Ruhrtal Rockfest

19 October 2024


> 2025

14. Juni 2025

Stadtfest Döbeln (from 2024)

"This EP is undoubtedly an impressive testament to Woodship's talent and their ability to deliver both lyrically and instrumentally"

Frontstage (translated from German)



> 2017:

Release first single + Lyricvideo "Tear It Out"

> 2018:

Debut-Album "Bright Coloured Town"


Bright Coloured Town Tour

Musicvideo for "The Run"

Single + Musicvideo "Blackout" (30th August)

> 2020:

Single + Musicvideo "Loss of Bliss" (2st February)

Single + Musicvideo "Faces And Voices" (07th August)

Single + Musicvideo "Dreadful Light" (18th September)

Single + Musicvideo "Don't Want You Not To" (30th October)

Single + Musicvideo "Bad News" (11th December)

EP "Blackout" (11th December)

> 2021:

Single "ENEMY" (01st October)

> 2022:

Single + Live-Session "RUINS" (18th March)

Single "ELEANOR RIGBY" (09th December)

> 2023:

Single + Musicvideo "Moon" (17th February)

Single + Musicvideo "Mars" (24th March)

Single + Musicvideo "Asteroid" (19th May)

Single + Musicvideo "Supernova" (01st September)

Focussingle "Mercury" + Musicvideo & "Cosmography" EP (29th September)

Cosmography Tour (October/November) 

over 30 Shows from March to December

> 2024

Single + Musicvideo "Have You Heard of This?" (22nd March)

Remix "Mars" (26th July) Remix Artist: Arley

Single "Wishes" (estimated 12/2024)

EP-Recording 11/2024

> 2025

Release Single 1 (estimated 04/2025)

Remix Release of Single 1 (estimated 06/2025)

Release Single 2 (estimated 09/2025)

Release Focussingle + EP (estimated 10/2025)

Club-Tour (estimated 10 + 11/2025)



Band | Leon Radix

+49 151 57904052


Management | Lizzy Schmittlein

+49 171 9154885

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